Chase Fowles Obituary – Death, Chase Fowles Has Died

Chase Fowles Death – Obituary

The Quezon City Mission mourns the passing of Elder Chase Fowles who passed away Wednesday, July 14, 2021. Chase, from Delta, Utah was a warm, loving and gentle man who loved God.

Church members say ”Elder Fowles taught of the restoration, Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. He knew everything he taught was true. We are grateful for the knowledge of God’s plan.”

”It is with a heavy heart, and wet eyes 🥺 that I share this news with you. One of our teammates has embarked on a journey beyond this earth. I am sad that I do not have great quality photos to share, but I am grateful that I had something. Chase Fowles was one of my favorites! He always had a smile on his face, he never shied from a workout, and he was super nice to my two children who had to follow me to track practice every day. He lovingly dubbed my daughter “Coach Kloey”, which he continued to call her every time he saw her. When he was invited back to DHS to speak at the freshman orientation, he ran into my nervous freshman daughter again. He calmed her nerves, gave her a pep-talk, and treated her with every kindness. These are just my personal memories and interactions with him, and I am sure you all have similar ones. I think his mother said it best when she texted me, “He was an angel boy 😇”.
Please feel free to share your memories, give your respects, or just cry along with me. 😭

”Our hearts are just broken 🥲-if you want to help out Russ & Holly and their family with medical & funeral exspenses, I know it would mean so much….if you want to Venmo we will have a link shortly. Thanks so much- We Love you Chase”

”am really happy to have met him. He was the very first who spoke to me at the Quezon City Mission Office of LDS when I was feeling really lost and alone. He made me feel welcomed and loved with his comforting words and his teaching me about the Heavenly Father. He has played a very big role in my choosing to be baptized and be a member of LDS. He will always be remembered and be in my heart. When my children grows up, I hope that they will be like him, kind hearted, welcoming, and loving to everyone.
We will miss you Elder Fowles. You were just chatting with Twit Brielle days ago and expressing how much you love and miss us. We regret not being able to have that video call we were planning to do.”

Tributes And Condolences

Tributes and condolences are being shared across social media timelines over the passing of Fowles. It is with a deep sense of loss that friends and families mourn their beloved one who has died unexpectedly.

It is in the spirit of this mourning that we extend our condolences to the family of Fowles and everyone affected by the passing.

Chase Fowles Obituary

The family’s privacy must be observed at this difficult time. This publication is a piece of noteworthy information only and does not serve as an obituary announcement for Fowles. The obituary would be officially released by the family.  Details of the deceased burials, funeral, and other related ceremonies would rightfully be published by the family of the deceased in their chosen online platform.

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