Tray Penrod Car Accident – Death, Obituary, Tray Penrod Has Died

Tray Penrod Car Accident -

Tray Penrod Death – Obituary

Tray Penrod passed away in a tragic car accident. He passed July 20, 2021. A great athlete, a loving father and brother will be missed. Tray Penrod will be missed. 

”You were a standup father to your 3 girls, I know they will miss you terribly. You always had a smile on your face that could light up a room and a joy to be around when we got to visit. Rest in Peace. Being a young adult we always have this mindset of growing old with a significant other, raising a family, living to be 80. Ect. That’s certainly not the case. Life is entirely to short and today I realize it even more. Tray Penrod, you will be missed. You didn’t deserve this nor does your wife and daughters. Moral of the story, everyday is a gift, tomorrow is not promised regardless how old you are. Regardless of your life accomplishments.”   McKayla Mohr posted on Facebook.

Couldn’t put the words together or even think of putting these words together…. It’s the last thing your big bro wants to do….
Little bro from the day our parents met and I was told I was gonna be a big brother now, you have no idea how excited I was. Finally a brother to fish with, a brother to hunt with, someone I could show paintball too and maybe get you to play..
I’ll never forget our first time we played paintball. We lived in conroe, you had just moved here to your dads house. I remember the look in your eyes when we walked off the field. I could tell I struck a match that would light a fire for ever with you. You loved the game. We both know the timing of you coming back to the sport was somthing the good man man above did. I was depressed going through a divorce and had no family to lean on. Then you brother came rolling into Texas Legends Paintball to watch me play. I sold you my gun for $100 bucks just because I wanted to see you play and have you out there with me. You grew so fast to the team….
I’ll never forget the smiles I got when I wrecked a point and you were there watching me… my biggest fan this whole time was always you. You always wanted to come to my tournaments to watch me play. You always had the words of encouragement when I stepped off that field. You Picked me up when I fell and couldn’t go anymore. Literally. You had my back on and off the field.
I can’t say anything about you with out crying. It hurts. I’d never thought I’d be doing this for my little brother… the memories I have are great… just wish I had more time to make more with you. I don’t think I ever told you enough or made it clear… I AM PROUD OF you Tray Penrod! I always was. You were a great father,athlete and brother. We all loved you. You didn’t deserve this.
He loved everyone involved with his life. He grew many friends in paintball. Thank y’all for all loving tray. He just wanted to be a part of somthing big. Thank you Nyles and Cyclones for making him feel wanted and loved.  Rudy Peralez posted on Facebook.
”Tray Penrod I can’t stop thinking the phone is going to ring and your laughter poring through the other side. I hope you know how much you touched everybody’s lives.”   Texas Cyclone Paintball Team posted on Facebook.

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Tray Penrod Obituary

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