Chuck E. Weiss Death – Obituary , Chuck E. Weiss Cause Of Death

Chuck E. Weiss Death – Obituary,  Chuck E. Weiss Cause Of Death

L.A. music legend Chuck E. Weiss has passed away peacefully. Weiss was known to be an amazing person, he was an inspiration and mentor to many, he was an inspiration, icon, mentor to many around him. He will be forever missed for his exceptional contribution into the music world.

“A beautiful summation from Bryan Thomas shared by my good friend John McDuffie, who I just learned the tragic news about the end of an era…
But first, here’s a bit from me…Chuck E.

Weiss was the heart and soul of my decade living in LA from 1981-90…a character from the iconic song by Rickie Lee Jones, until he became my real life pal when I moved to LA from the SF Bay Area…
All those Monday nights at The Central watching him destroy the room with so many of my friends/bandmates in his band the Goddamned Liars…a one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life, crazy-like-a-fox madman on stage and a dear friend with the biggest heart in the world in and out of all the rooms we hung out in…

Chuck took me to see The Manhattan Transfer at the Hollywood Bowl…he made fun of me when I tried to sell him Herballife crap, lol……he told it like it was and always had time for everyone who needed him…my heart goes out to all who love Chuck, which is a very, very long list…💔🙏🎶😎

“Chuck E. Weiss is the kind of guy who would steal his own car ” ~ Tom Waits
“Ain’t ya got ears son? That little Jew boy with the big old head be one of the best musicians in this town, this country even.” ~ Willie Dixon talking about Chuck E. Weiss
I’m seeing posts on Facebook today that Chuck E. Weiss has died. There’s too many of them now, even though I haven’t confirmed his death myself, not to believe it isn’t true, sadly.

I first learned about him decades ago because there had been a connection between him, and Tom Waits and with Waits and singer-songwriter named Ricki Lee Jones, who had written about Chuck E. Weiss in her Top Five U.S. hit “Chuck E.’s in Love.” All three of them lived at West Hollywood’s famed Tropicana Motel.

Weiss released the album Extremely Cool in 1999, featuring extensive collaboration with Tony Gilkyson and Waits, who co-produced the album for his longtime acquaintance (they met in 1974 at Ebbetts Field, where Weiss played in the house band) and Waits appears on at least two tracks. Weiss is referred to in Tom Waits’ titles and lyrics from the album Small Change, as well as in passing references on Nighthawks at the Diner.

Weiss played for eleven years of Monday nights at The Central, which is where Weiss also crossed paths with so many of my friends, so many that were genuine real friends with him, people like Tony Gilkyson, Chris Morris, John McDuffie, Art Fein, Paul Body, the late Don Heffington, Alison Martino, and many, many more — it makes that the fact that I was friends with him here on Facebook feel a bit like I’ve been cheating, pretending that we had a friendship when they truly did (we have 145 mutual friends if that tells you anything).

Chuck E. Weiss grew up in Denver. A rebellious child and adolescent, he always felt alienated from others his age and just slightly left of the mainstream.He found himself greatly influenced by what he heard on the radio and by the music his father listened to, an eclectic mix of boogie-woogie, sabre dance, sambas, mambos, and Hank Williams.

Chuck E. acquired an extensive record collection from his father, who was in the salvage business, and from the neighborhood trash collector (one “Pappy” Frye) who left him a vast collection of old albums. Unable to read music, he did have a knack for finding the beat, so it only seemed natural that Chuck E. would express his rhythm on the drums. When he was nine, his folks bought him his first drum kit.

By the time Chuck E. was a teenager a local manager and promoter asked him to sit in on drums during a nightclub appearance by Lightnin’ Hopkins. The gig went well and Chuck E. convinced the legendary bluesman to take him on tour.
By the late ’60s, Chuck E. Weiss had toured with Hopkins, and found himself performing and/or recording with the likes of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Roger Miller and others.

In 1972, while playing in the Ebbett’s Field house band, Weiss met a new headlining act named Tom Waits. Weiss thought he was different and got to talking to the guy.

They met again after Weiss moved to Hollywood and they became fast friends. They also started a long musical collaboration with the song “Spare Parts,” which Waits recorded on his 1975 Nighthawks at the Diner album.In the late ’70s, Chuck E. lived at West Hollywood’s famed Tropicana Motel along with Waits and an up-and-coming singer-songwriter named Ricki Lee Jones. Jones would later immortalize Chuck E. in her top five hit “Chuck E.’s in Love.”

Weiss appeared on an episode of Storage Wars that aired on June 25, 2013. He was paired with Barry Weiss who was attending the auction incognito as an elderly woman. In the May 14, 2002 episode of Gilmore Girls entitled “Lorelai’s Graduation Day”, he appeared as The Proprietor of a record store in NYC in which Rory and Jess browse.
He made brief cameos on two 1990 Married… with Children as a homeless man and one on an episode of Brotherly Love as Leo the garbage man. He also made an appearance on My Wife and Kids.

In 2006, Weiss released the album 23rd & Stout, an album more reminiscent of Waits’s 1980s output, featuring an exploration of many blues and rumba styles, as well as a tribute to Sterling Holloway, entitled “Sho’ Is Cold”. Also featured is long time friend and collaborator Diablo Dimes.
In 2013, Weiss wrote and recorded “Anthem for Old Souls” for the Sea shanty-compilation Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2013).”

“Kinky’s dear pal and L.A. music legend Chuck E. Weiss has passed away. Kinky rarely made a trip to L.A. without meeting Chuck for lunch at Cantor’s Deli and they’d just recently finished writing a song together titled appropriately enough “See You Down The Highway”. RIP Chuck E. ”

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It is in the spirit of this mourning that we extend our condolences to the family of Weiss and everyone affected by the passing.

Chuck E. Weiss Obituary

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