Nicholas Mcquirter Obituary – Death , Nicholas Mcquirter Cause Of Death

Nicholas Mcquirter Death – Obituary,  Nicholas Mcquirter Cause Of Death

Nicholas Mcquirter passed away after being shot, Mcquirter was wounded and transported to a hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.  Mcquirter was  later pronounce dead at the hospital.

“A Louisiana father-of-four was fatally shot when he confronted a teenager who climbed through a second floor window to see his underage daughter. Dezmon Hamilton, 34, died from multiple gunshot wounds during the confrontation with 17-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter at his Hayfield Drive residence in Zachary
the shooting happened around 8 a.m. when Mcquirter used a ladder to climb through an upstairs window.
Mcquirter was there to visit Hamilton 14-year-old daughter, Hamilton heard a sound and went to investigate.

Hamilton confronted Mcquirter and escorted him downstairs where an argument ensued. Both Hamilton and Mcquirter were armed and exchanged gunfire. Police don’t know who opened fire first.

Hamilton had previously forbidden Mcquirter from seeing his daughter. Mcquirter was wounded and transported to a hospital with a non-life-threatening injury
He will be booked on charges of second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

The family moved to the house from an apartment complex after Mcquirter used a ladder to climb through their apartment window to see the then-13-year-old girl”


” 😡😡😡Zachary, Louisiana. 34 yr old Dezmon Hamilton was shot & killed by his 14 yr old daughter’s boyfriend, 17 yr old Nicholas McQuirter after sneaking into their house 2 mornings ago to see her. He was seen climbing thru the window by a neighbor.

When Dad was made aware of the situation, he confronted the boyfriend, argument started then it was a shootout. Boyfriend was shot also, sent to hospital but lived. He’s being charged with 2nd degree murder & illegal use of a firearm & plus his gun was stolen.

This is 100% sad, senseless & stupid 😡😡😡 ALL BC THESE FASS A** LIL GALS WANNA BE GROWN SO BAD!!!!!! I HOPE THAT GUILT TEARS HER UP FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!!!!! Now your dad is gone all bc u wanna be laid up with some boy. Smh He brought that gun with him for a reason.🤦🏽‍♀️ Reports say that ain’t the first time she had him sneaking in that house. My opinion, she should’ve been held responsible too!!!!!! ”

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Nicholas Mcquirter  Obituary

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