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Ebi Porbeni Obituary

Ebiowei Porbeni Death – Obituary

NurseLifeRN creator and influencer, Ebiowei Porbeni passed away July 2021 after battling with cancer (Leukemia).  Ebiowei Porbeni of Los Angeles, California, known as ”Ebi Eats or Nurse Ebi was an amazing nurse and meant so much to the nursing community. He has a serious form of acute Leukemia.


”Today we said a final goodbye to our friend, Ebi aka @nurselifern. Ebi, you were a tremendous human being, making us all laugh with your sarcastic and quick wit. We speak for our followers when we say, you brought sunshine into our lives daily. Rest in peace, friend.”


”My heart breaks for the nursing community today, we lost someone who brought so many of us together.
I didn’t know @ebi_eats aka @nurselifern personally but we would talk via dm every once in a while & he always wanted to advocate for what was right. He was a true change maker in nursing & he truly made a difference through giving us a face, a platform & a voice. A voice for humor, a voice for change, a voice for Nurses.
So many of you have flooded my DMs, heartbroken about the news, he touched so many lives in this space. So many of y’all would dm me & other nursing pages so if if anyone had an update on his journey, making sure he was okay, checking in. I know how much you all loved him. He is truly irreplaceable.
Please pray for his family & give them time, I know so many of us wish we could do something for him, but it’s important to allow his family & friends time. I will add any resources/funds in my bio/links in my stories.”
”Ebiowei and I met in nursing school. On one of our first clinical rotations we were paired up as partners. He had basketball practice so we went separately to get our patient assignments in the evening for the following day’s clinical. I wasn’t able to figure out the computer system and was too anxious to ask anyone (anyone that has ever been through nursing school will understand the stress of clinic prep!) and I eventually burst into tears outside the unit. Ebi then walks up to the unit and sees me and tries to comfort me so awkwardly we ended up hysterically laughing.
Over the past 10+ years, we’ve laughed and cried and remained close despite living across the country from each other. We would occasionally go months without chatting on the phone and then randomly call each other and pick right back up with every detail of each other’s lives.
We made it through nursing school together, he was there when I was baptized, and we both balled our eyes out on the phone when he realized due to a last minute change in his work contract, he couldn’t attend Winston and I’s wedding as a part of the ceremony.”

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Ebiowei Porbeni Obituary

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