Dale Snodgrass Death – Obituary : Pilot Dale Snort Snodgrass killed in plane crash

Dale Snodgrass Death – Obituary : Pilot Dale Snort Snodgrass killed in plane crash

F-14 demo pilot, Dale “Snort” Snodgrass has died in a fatal plane crash that happened on Saturday in Marchetti SM.109 in Lewiston, Idaho. The cause of the plane crash is yet unknown. Snodgrass was a legendary F-14 pilot in the U.S. Navy and was famously photographed in a knife edge pass close to the USS America aircraft carrier in 1988.

Snodgrass was the only passenger of the SIAI-Marchetti fixed-wing aircraft when it crashed at mid-day during takeoff, according to a news release from airport Manager Michael Isaacs. Snodgrass’s age and hometown were not listed.

The aircraft came down in a field and caught fire just off the airport’s taxiway Charlie. Emergency unit received a call about the plane crash and at about 12:11 p.m., they responded to the scene of the crash. The fire was later brought under control within 5 minutes but couldn’t save the like of Snodgrass.

Dale Snort Snodgrass Profile

  1. Date of Designation: Deccember 1973
  2. Dates of Active Duty: August 1972 – June 1999
  3. Total Flight Hours: 12,000 (7,900 USN)
  4. Carrier/Ship Landings: Fixed wing: 1,187
  5. Approximate Flight Hours:
  6. Jet: 11,000 (Fighter) VF: 7,000 VT: 300
  7. Combat Tours:
  8. Iraq – VF-33/USS America, January – February 1991
  9. Total Combat Missions: 34 (F-14)


  • CO VF-33, November 1989-February 1991
  • Commander Fighter Wing Atlantic, Aug. 1994-Jan. 1997
  • Awards:
  • 3 Legion of Merit
  • Bronze Star
  • 3 Meritorious Service Medal
  • 3 Air Medal with Combat “V”
  • Duty Assignment Chronology
  • 9/72-12/72 Flight Training Pensacola, FL., Student

Naval Aviator.

  • 1/73-12 /73 VT-23 / VT-21 Kingsville, TX., Student
    Naval Aviator.
  • 1/74-6/74 VF-126, Instrument Instructor Pilot.
  • 6/74-3/75 VF-124, FRS Student.
  • 4/75-5/78 VF-142, First tour Pilot.
  • 6/78-6/81 VF-101, Instructor Pilot and Landing Signal

Officer (LSO).

  • 7/81-7/83 CVW-8. LSO.
  • 8/83-12/85 VF-43, Operations Officer.
  • 12/85-2/86 VF-101, Re-currency training.
  • 2/86-2/88 VF-143, Operations Officer/Maintenance


  • 3/88-12/88 VF-101, Executive Officer. (XO).
  • 1/89-2/91 VF-33, XO/Commanding Officer.
  • 3/91-3/93 USS Theodore Roosevelt, Navigator.
  • 4/93-4/94 OPNAV N88, Training Aircraft Requirements

Branch Head.

  • 4/94-1/97 COMFITWINGLANT, Commander
  • 2/97-6/99 Head OLA – Head US House of Representatives Office.

Summary of Significant Career Events

  • 3/75 – First Nugget to CQ F-14.
  • 7/86 – Fighter Pilot of the Year.
  • 7/87 – Top Cat of the Year.
  • 1995 – Spearheaded Precision Strike on F-14.
  • High Time F-14 Pilot – 4900 Hours.

Reactions To Dale Snort Snodgrass’ Death

Heard news a few minutes ago that Dale “Snort” Snodgrass has flown west. Apparently involved in an accident in Idaho in a Cessna 182. I have fond memories hangar flying with him when he worked next door at Draken. RiP Dale. My best photo of him in the F-86 in 2010 at TICO

Naval Aviation legend CAPT Dale “Snort” Snodgrass and his epic 1988 low flyby beside the USS America.