Chris Donah Obituary-Death, Potsdam Researcher Chris Donah Has Died

Chris Donah Death – Obituary – Researcher and theorist, Chris Donah passed away unexpectedly September 15, 2021, Chris was Oak Island expert, teacher and coach of Potsdam Central School Community.

Chris was a fanatical researcher, affectionately called the sky-guy. He knew astronomy like no one else. He would sketch the heavens over the grounds we researched. Chris brought insights and points of view to the Versailles research that took the whole thing to a new dimension. He was a kind-hearted man with a brilliant mind.

He will be deeply missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones as well as loved ones. Here are the excerpts from condolence and tribute messages that flooded social media platforms.

”This morning, news reached me that Chris Donah has passed away in the cruel unexpected fashion, randomly dealt to us by this thing called life.
I met Chris through Christopher Eric Morford. It was the beginning of a long and intense Oak Island research co-operation that lasted more than a year. Chris was the sky-guy. He knew astronomy like no one else. He would sketch the heavens over the grounds we researched. He brought insights and points of view to our Versailles research that took the whole thing to a new dimension. Literally. It increased the scope of our research upward into the celestial planes. We would look in awe at what those before us did and how truly massive the scale was that they worked on. We tried to figure out how they did it. People like us, with more patience and none of the tools we now have. Just sticks and progression tables.
Chris brought people together and was all about sharing and collaborating. Together we know more than each of us alone. A builder of bridges in a land of lone wolves. He could keep a secret too. A fanatical researcher, he could be obnoxious. Still he would rarely lose his patience. The teacher in him was always on. When we disagreed we would go on zoom in the weekend to talk about it face to face. We would discuss our research but also our lives, our family. We would have a great laugh and always ended our calls with a smile and a deeper insight.
Chris, I hope you have the answers now, being part of God’s great sky that you loved so much. Could you check a few things for me while you’re up there Thank you so much for teaching me and being a friend. Desiderio sit pudor aut modus. Rest in peace. You will be missed…..” Corjan Mol posted on Facebook.

”It’s with a grieving heart that I need to tell you that our friend Chris Donah passed away today. I don’t currently have all of the details. A friend and colleague who knew how close we were, just delivered the news. I’m still in shock. I’ve lost my close friend and collaborator. I know it would be important to him that you all knew, and that you would have his wife Angie and him in your thoughts and prayers…”

”Sad news… My friend and Oak Island expert, Chris Donah, passed away unexpectedly. He was a kind-hearted man with a brilliant mind. His eyes were frequently turned to the stars. If I had a question about constellations or solstices, I went to Chris. Now his spirit walks the path of the Milky Way. God speed, Chris….”

Class of 84 has received word that another member has passed. Chris Donah you will be remembered as a great family man, teacher, coach, friend. RIP.

”Very sad news from the Oak Island world.Stellar (pun intended) researcher and theorist Chris Donah, has passed. My sincere and heartfelt sympathies go out to his family, friends, and students. Rest in Peace buddy. Say hey to Wroclawski for me….”

”He was among the first people I met when I moved to Potsdam, New York 30 years ago. Though we had known each other for years, it wasn’t until we discussed his appearance on The Curse of Oak Island that we really developed a friendship. Over the last couple of years, we shared research, a passion for the quest, and a lot of laughs. He was a master researcher and a great collaborator. I’m going to miss him very much….”

”Our thoughts are with the Potsdam Central School Community this morning after the loss of teacher and coach Chris Donah….”

Tributes And Condolences

Tributes and condolences are being shared across social media timelines over the passing of Donah . It is with a deep sense of loss that friends and families mourn their beloved one who has died unexpectedly.

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