Death – CharlestheFirst, rising music producer, dies at 25

Death – Obituary

Rising electronic music producer DJ Charles Elias Ingalls, known as CharlestheFirst, has died. He was 25 years old.

According a statement released by the multimedia company co-founded by the rising star, he “passed away in his sleep” on December 10.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce this,” said a statement shared on Instagram by Lab Group. “Early this morning our beloved Charles Elias Ingalls passed away in his sleep. Amongst many things, Charles was a larger than life presence that deeply moved and affected all who knew him.”

“A son, a brother, a friend, a poet and an absolutely brilliant musician,” the statement continues. “He lived his life with a sense of magic and inspiration that most people only dream of. Charles we love you more than words can tell and cannot wait to be reunited with you. We promise to honor and cherish you throughout this life and into the next. Please respect Charles and his families privacy during this time.”

Ingalls’ music style was heavily influenced by nature as a result of being born and growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, according to his bio on Spotify.

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“Fusing his organic hip hop roots with lush and experimental electronic composition, CharlestheFirst has developed a danceable style steeped in dreaminess and psychedelia,” reads his artist bio.

Ingalls’ fans took to social media to pay tribute upon learning of his death.

“CharlesTheFirst has always been the soundtrack to my creative seshes, to some of my best moments of inspiration and love, not only with myself but with the amazing people around me feeling his music as well and I’m just so sad and sending all of my love to his friends and family,” one fan wrote.

“Playing charlesthefirst and only charlesthefirst for the rest of the day,” posted another fan. “Rest In Peace king.”

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the musician was found unresponsive by a friend Friday morning in a Nashville hotel room.

Ingalls was scheduled to perform for a sold-out crowd on Saturday night at The Caverns, an underground concert hall in Pelham, Tennessee.

The cause of his death is still being investigated.

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