Death – ESPN Chicago Bears reporter passes away after colon cancer battle in same hospice as his wife

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AN ESPN journalist has passed away after battling colon cancer at age 44.

Jeff Dickerson was best known as a Chicago Bears reporter for the sports network.

Jeff Dickerson has tragically passed away


Jeff Dickerson has tragically passed awayCredit: ESPN
Jeff died in the same hospice that his wife, Caitlin, passed away in two years prior


Jeff died in the same hospice that his wife, Caitlin, passed away in two years priorCredit: Twitter

The renowned writer passed away at the same hospice care facility that his wife Caitlin has died in just two years prior.

Caitlin had undergone treatment for melanoma and its complications for eight years before her death.

After being placed in the hospice last week, Dickerson reportedly told his colleagues that he was only there to “humor” his doctors.

In tribute, ESPN deputy editor for digital NFL coverage, Heather Burns, said: “JD was one of the most positive people you will ever meet.

“We all got together in October for an event, and there he was lifting our spirits and assuring us he was going to beat cancer. That’s just who he was.

“We are holding Jeff’s family, and especially his son, Parker, in our prayers.”

ESPN 1000 host Tom Waddle, a former Bears receiver also said: “If you need something to encapsulate or describe who Jeff Dickerson was, that’s it.

“He was there for a colleague that he had the utmost respect for and loved like a brother.

“He’s at Vaughn’s event honoring Vaughn for a great cause, despite struggling through something himself.”

Waddle added: “I never heard him once, whether it was what Caitlin was going through, with what he has had to go through, I never once heard him pity himself. Ever. Not once have I ever heard him say that this has gotten the best of me, that I didn’t deserve this.

“It’s amazing when faced with stuff like this, what strength some individuals have. I never heard a cross word, and it never felt like he thought he has been cheated out of anything.”

Jeff is survived by his son, Parker, and parents, George and Sandy.

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