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Death – Obituary

BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) – Former state Sen. Sue Cline has passed away.

The former Republican Senator from Brenton W.Va. served in the state Senate from 2016 to 2020. Initially appointed by the Governor to fill the seat vacated by Daniel Hall, Senator Cline later ran for the seat and won. She represented Raleigh County, Wyoming County, and parts of McDowell County during her tenure in the Senate.

Senator Cline served on several prestigious committees during her time in office, including the committees on Agriculture and Rural Development, Economic Development, Energy, Industry, and Mining, among others.

According to lifelong family friend and Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield, Senator Cline was active in her community from an early age and never left.

“Sue was dedicated to staying and dedicated to trying to make things better and be a voice for her home. She valued her roots more than anything.”

Hatfield said even in the final year of her life she never stopped exploring ways to improve Wyoming County.

“What made her a special lady is the joy she had for other people. I think if we got down to the root of why she liked politics is she liked being a voice for people and engaging people,” added Hatfield.

Another one of the late Senator’s friends, Wyoming County attorney Lindsey Ashley, also reacted to the news of her passing on Wednesday, saying “Sue Cline was Wyoming County through and through. She loved the people of West Virginia and served them with her heart and soul. She never shied away from trying to improve the lives of the people she represented. Her love for Wyoming County and this great State of West Virginia will never be forgotten.”

Wyoming County Circuit Judge Michael Cochran also offered his condolences. “My deepest condolences for the loss of ex- state Senator Sue Cline. She cared about Wyoming County and its people very much.”

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“I was shocked to learn this morning of the passing of former Senator Sue Cline. Sue was one of the most dedicated members I have ever served with in the West Virginia Legislature. She was a fighter and a tireless advocate for the families of her district. Her love of her state and her country were second to none. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as they remember and celebrate her life in the coming days.”

— Senate President Craig Blair

“Sue Cline embodied and personified the true essence of a dedicated public servant. She represented the citizens of Wyoming, Raleigh, and McDowell counties with fever, passion, and love. Her contributions to progress and opportunity in West Virginia were total and complete. Her most endearing trait was an enthusiastic, yet quiet faith in God. It is her faith that gives comfort to all who loved and respected Senator Cline that she is now with her heavenly Father.”

— Former Senate President Mitch Carmichael

“From the moment she arrived to the West Virginia Senate, Sue Cline poured her heart and soul into her service. Her kind heart and her strong sense of community guided her in every way. She was a valuable part of a team that helped to change West Virginia. Sue will be sadly missed by all who were blessed to know her, and my prayers are with her family and friends during this time.”

— Former Senate President Bill Cole

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