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FORMER Nevada Senator and Senate majority leader, Harry Reid passed away Tuesday at age 82.

Reid has been described as one of the most influential leaders in the state’s history.

Harry Reid has passed away at age 82


Harry Reid has passed away at age 82Credit: Getty Images
Reid is a former Senate majority leader and is considered one of Nevada's most influential leaders


Reid is a former Senate majority leader and is considered one of Nevada’s most influential leadersCredit: Getty Images

He served over 30 years in Congress, earning a reputation for fighting for everyday Americans. He was instrumental in passing the Affordable Care Act in the wake of the Great Recession.

He retired as senate minority leader in 2017.

“Harry Reid was one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met,” said current Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer in a statement.

“He was tough-as-nails strong but caring and compassionate, and always went out of his way quietly to help people who needed help.”

Originally a boxer, Reid’s political career began when his coach, Mike O’Callaghan, made him his running mate in the 1970 Nevada gubernatorial election.

Reid became the state’s Lieutenant Governor from 1971 to 1975, later becoming chairman of the Gaming Commission. 

He ran for Congress in 1983, after a previous failed attempt, and became the representative for Nevada’s 1st district. He would later serve as Senate majority leader for eight years.

Reid also put much focus on water, energy and public lands issues. More than half of his congressional papers in 2020 death with the environment in some form, said Reid.

Reid faced multiple health issues near the end of his term. In 2015, he was left blind in one eye after an exercise accident.

In May 2017, he learned he had cancer after a colonoscopy.

In 2018, he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer and announced last summer that he was in “complete remission” and cancer-free.

Despite his retirement, Reid was known for still speaking his mind, criticizing then-President Donald Trump in an interview with The Times.

“I think he is without question the worst president we’ve ever had,” Reid said. “We’ve had some bad ones, and there’s not even a close second to time.”

His cause of death is unknown at this time.

Reid was known for being outspoken and took on many challenges in Congress


Reid was known for being outspoken and took on many challenges in CongressCredit: Getty Images

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