Death – What Happened to Markus Crane? Wrestling star Markus Crane passes away at 33

Death – Obituary

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) star Markus Crane who was known as a death-match specialist in the independent circuit passed away at the age of 33.  The news about Markus Crane passing away was confirmed by GCW on their Twitter on Monday. Following the news of his death, social media was flooded with messages from wrestlers who have known Markus Crane for years.

What happened to Markus Crane?

According to the report from in December of 2019, Markus Crane was abruptly forced to retire after a hospital visit for a pre-existing head injury revealed an infection in his skull had leaked into his brain. The resulting surgery led to part of Markus Crane’s skull being removed to treat the infection which was successful. The wrestler would ultimately get back in the ring one last time at GCW Planet Death, part of The Collective this past WrestleMania weekend. Markus Crane defeated Kit Osbourne in a quick match. 

Game Changer Wrestling statement on Markus Crane death

Game Changer Wrestling in its statement said, “With Sadness, GCW mourns the loss of Markus Crane. As a performer, Markus embodied the spirit of GCW. He was an underdog and an outlaw. He was fearless in the ring and determined to succeed against the odds.”

The Statement further said, “He played a major role in GCW’s early success and was part of the heart and soul of our roster from day one. Markus was passionate about GCW and Deathmatch Wrestling. We were proud to have him represent GCW at Korakuen Hall during our inaugural show in Japan”.

“In 2019, Markus suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly took his life. We were all inspired (but surprised) as he made a miraculous recovery and worked tirelessly to make his eventual return to the ring. Most recently, Markus returned home to his family with a commitment to focusing his energy towards a healthier lifestyle. He had celebrated a series of milestones in his sobriety in which he was proud to show off and left us all excited for his future. As a friend, Markus was caring and loyal. He was quick to smile, or bring a smile to your face. We were all lucky to know him. Rest in Peace, Markus. We will miss you”.

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