Death – Lakewood police identify hero officer who shot, killed rampage gunman

Death – Obituary

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Lakewood Police Department has identified the hero officer who shot and killed the Denver-Lakewood mass shooting gunman Monday night.

Lyndon McLeod, 47, went on a shooting rampage across Denver, killing Alicia Cardenas, Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado and Michael Swinyard, according to police. He then traveled to Lakewood, where he killed Danny Scofield at the Lucky 13 tattoo shop.

Following that shooting, authorities say McLeod traveled to the Belmar shopping area, where he shot and killed Sarah Steck, a 28-year-old hotel clerk at the Hyatt House.

At several points throughout the rampage, McLeod exchanged gunfire with both Lakewood police and Denver police.

After leaving the Hyatt House, McLeod headed to the area of Alaska and Vance, where he encountered Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris.

Lakewood police say Ferris ordered McLeod to drop his weapon as he approached her. The gunman ignored her commands and shot Ferris, according to police, hitting her in the abdomen.

While she was wounded on the ground, Ferris was able to return fire on McLeod, striking and killing him, Lakewood police say. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ferris is a three-year veteran of the department and has been hailed a hero for her actions.

“All of us at the Lakewood Police Department are incredibly proud of Agent Ferris and the bravery shown by her and her fellow law enforcement officers during this active shooter situation. The entire Lakewood Police family will be here to support Agent Ferris and her family as she embarks on this recovery process.” says Lakewood Police Chief Dan McCasky, “Our hearts are incredibly heavy with the loss of life and injuries suffered by others during this rampage. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cardenas, Gunn-Maldonado, Scofield, Steck and Swinyard families, as well as the families of those injured.”

The officer remains in the hospital. She has family by her side, and the family is asking for privacy at this time.

If you would like to help the victims in the Denver-Lakewood mass shooting, click here.

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