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A Belleville West High School teacher and former football coach who died this week is being remembered for his “fun-loving” attitude with his family and students.

Bob Flake’s death was reported to Belleville School District 201 on Thursday, according to Superintendent Brian Mentzer.

“Our thoughts are with Bob’s family,” Mentzer said.

A cause of death and Flake’s age have not been released.

“He was a fun-loving guy,” Belleville West Principal Rich Mertens said of Flake. “He always put others first, his family and his students and staff members.

“He just had a great attitude, a positive attitude,” Mertens said.

“I’d greet him during the day, ‘How are you doing Bob?’ and he’d always reply, ‘Living the dream.’”

Flake was the department head for the Belleville West science department in recent years and he previously had served as an assistant football coach.

Belleville West Principal Rich Mertens said Flake was hired at Belleville West in 2006 and he taught biology and veterinary science classes.

Flake did not coach this past football season but he had been on the team’s coaching staff for the prior years of his Belleville West tenure, Mertens said. One of his recent assignments included serving as offensive coordinator.

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Mentzer said that Flake had a “wide scope of influence” as leader of the science department and as a football coach.

“He was able to make different connections with different groups of kids and kids with varying interests,” Mentzer said.

Funeral arrangements for Flake have not been announced.

This story was originally published December 31, 2021 12:00 PM.

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