Death – London’s teenage homicides hit record high after two teens killed in single day

Death – Obituary

Nikolay Vandev

Mr Vandev, 19, died in Tottenham on March 8, the same night two of his friends were also injured in the knife attack.

Nikolay was pronounced dead at the scene in Penshurst Road, while the two other 18-year-old victims were both treated in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Two boys aged 15 and 17 have been charged with murder.

Ezra Okobia

Mr Okobia, 14, died in hospital on March 11 after being locked in his burning Greenwich home by his mother Victoria five days earlier.

Ezra’s younger brother Joseph, 5, and mother also perished in the fire, with members of the local community having said they were in “absolute shock” after the tragic event.

An inquest heard that the mother-of-two used petrol to start the fire, before locking herself and her sons in the bathroom, leading to their deaths.

Hussain Chaudhry

Mr Chaudhry, 18, was stabbed to death after defending his family during an attempted burglary at home in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow on March 17.

A first-year law student at SOAS, University of London, Hussain died in his mother’s arms outside the family home. 

His sister, Afia Ahmed Chaudhry, paid tribute to her younger brother on Twitter, saying: “Look at you, baby. Your name is being uttered across the world. You were perfect, and you are finally home. I love you.

“The entire community has come together for you. We’ve lost our baby and no pain will compare.”

Three men have been charged with the murder: Marvin Ward, 18, of Ilford, was charged with murder; Alexis Morris, 18, was charged with murder as well as two counts of greivous bodily harm with intent, relating to a man and woman who sustained slash injuries during the incident; and Anthony Nguyen, 18, was charged with assisting an offender.

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