Death – ‘Unacceptable’, community wants justice for 7-year-old girl shot, killed in Algiers

Death – Obituary

“I know that my baby is loved and it’s just confirmation that she was a good child. She was sweet and loving,” said Dillan’s mom, Maquisha Burton.

NEW ORLEANS — Blue and white balloons floated into the sky Thursday afternoon, as down below family, friends and strangers remember 7-year-old Dillan Burton, killed because of gun violence in New Orleans.  

“I know that my baby is loved and it’s just confirmation that she was a good child. She was sweet and loving,” said Dillan’s mom, Maquisha Burton.  

Burton’s oldest daughter was shot and killed Sunday, the day after Christmas. Police say it happened while she was riding in her mom’s car in Algiers when their car was caught in gunfire. 

“This is a nightmare,” said Burton. “I’m ready to wake up. I’m ready to wake up.”  

Burton says her daughter loved dancing, Tik-Tok, and school. She was a second-grader at Success at Thurgood Marshall on Canal Street, where hugs and tears punctuated a new reality. 

“She was a loving, caring little girl,” said Dillan’s cousin Jyrii Thomas.  

Thomas says she and her family are still in shock. 

“We’re trying to just cope with it by the day,” said Thomas.  

Days of coping that should never have to happen.  

“She’s a baby, seven-years-old,” said Albert Mims Jr.  

Mims and Kevin Matthews say when tragedy happens, it connects a community. They say that community is pleading for violence to end so remembrances don’t have to happen. 

“We don’t want our children growing up thinking this is the normal way, so we have to do something about it,” said Matthews.  

City leaders say that starts will people coming forward.  

“Now we have another child dead. Unacceptable,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell who pledged full support from the city in getting justice for the Burton family.   

Burton says she appreciates the support but knows it’s a long road ahead, trying to navigate life without a daughter who gave her so much of it.  

“For seven years, every day we wake up to each other, we go to sleep to each other,” said Burton. “That’s my baby, that’s my child.”  

Dillan’s funeral is set for January 7thA GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family. 

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