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PHOENIX (AP) — A woman shot in a possible road rage incident has died, Phoenix police said Friday.

Stella Montes, 38, was found injured in a vehicle that had crashed into a roadside wall Thursday and police said later in a statement she reportedly “was shot by a person in another vehicle after a traffic altercation.”

No description of a suspect or that person’s vehicle was immediately available, the statement said.

Brooke Raspa, a woman who lives on the other side of the wall where the crash occurred told that the victim’s daughter was at the scene and believed it was road rage.

“They honked at him to go, not realizing that it was no turn on red and then they decided to go around him and that angered him, apparently. So he drove by and probably emptied a whole clip,” Raspa said.

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Raspa said she heard eight to 10 shots before the crash. “Felt my whole house vibrate when the van hit the wall,” she said.

Raspa said she couldn’t understand the shooter’s motivation.

“You have to be a very angry person to even have the mindset to … kill this person because they went around me,” Raspa said. “I mean, who does that?”

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What Is An Obituary

In national newspapers an obituary (obit for short) is a news article that reports the recent death of a prominent person. Although it tends to focus on positive aspects of the subject’s life this is not always the case. According to Nigel Farndale, the Obituaries Editor of The Times: “Obits should be life affirming rather than gloomy, but they should also be opinionated, leaving the reader with a strong sense of whether the subject lived a good life or bad; whether they were right or wrong in the handling of their public affairs.”

In local newspapers, an obituary may be published for any local resident upon death. A necrology is a register or list of records of the deaths of people related to a particular organization, group or field, which may only contain the sparsest details, or small obituaries. Historical necrologies can be important sources of information.