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— On Sunday, hundreds of people marched in Fayetteville demanding answers and justice after a man was shot and killed by an off-duty Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The Fayetteville Police department said 37-year-old Jason Walker ran into traffic and jumped onto a truck driven by the deputy Saturday along Bingham Drive near Shenandoah Drive.

The deputy shot Walker and called 911.

Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins said in a press conference Sunday that at some point the windshield wiper had been torn off the truck and used to break a window, although it is not clear at what point in the altercation this took place.

The crowd Sunday challenged the statement from Fayetteville police about what happened leading to the shooting.

Protesters took to the streets, more than a hundred of them marching through downtown Fayetteville, calling for the release of the name of the deputy who killed Walker and for him to be arrested.

Sunday, Hawkins said she had no idea if the deputy was suspended over the incident.

Elizabeth Ricks said she was on the scene and watched the entire situation unfold. As a trauma nurse, she jumped into action and tried to save Walker’s life.

“I did not see anyone in distress. The man was just walking home,” said Ricks.

Ricks’ husband captured video of the aftermath, showing the arrival of police and EMT.

When they arrive, they did not ask the off-duty deputy to hand over any weapons. Hawkins later confirmed they do have the deputy’s weapon, but would not disclose what kind of gun it was.

Hawkins did confirm it was not the deputy’s service weapon. Bystanders in the video tell officers they heard four gunshots.

Within 15 seconds of arriving, one officer briefly checked on Walker while Ricks worked to stop the bleeding.

Hawkins said Sunday the officer did not immediately help because they allowed Ricks, a trained nurse, to continue to administer care.

Roughly one minute later, EMS crews arrive on scene and take over rendering aid.

Before the video ends, Ricks can be heard shouting at the deputy who replies that he was protecting his family.

“It breaks my heart he didn’t survive, and I’m trying to cope with that as well,” said Ricks at Sunday’s march. “I don’t want to take away from Jason or the injustice, and I’m not going to be silent.”

Fayetteville police have turned the investigation over to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

WRAL News spoke with Walker’s family who describe him as a happy go-lucky man with a big heart.

“I was sad. That’s my best friend. We were really close,” said Cousin Brittany Monroe. “It really broke my heart because he would never hurt anyone. I don’t understand how it could happen to him. He would do anything for anybody.”

His family is still trying to learn more about how this happened.

“It hurts because we don’t understand. It breaks our heart,” said Monroe. “Jason will forever be remembered in a good way because he was a good person.”

The family told WRAL News Walker was a single father. He left behind one young son.


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