Death – Senior NDTV journalist Kamal Khan passes away, tributes pour in

Death – Obituary

‘He will be remembered as a legendary reporter whose work stood out for its perceptiveness and integrity,’ NDTV wrote in a statement.

Senior journalist and NDTV’s Lucknow bureau chief Kamal Khan passed away on Friday, January 14. He was 61. In a statement, NDTV said that Kamal Khan suffered a massive heart attack on Friday morning while he was at his Lucknow residence. “He will be remembered as a legendary reporter whose work stood out for its perceptiveness and integrity, and the way in which he delivered hard truths with poetic dexterity,” wrote NDTV.

His last appearance on the television news channel was merely hours ago before his death — where he spoke about the series of exits from the BJP ahead of the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. “As a news anchor Kamal was the picture of poise and expertise, and his language was famous for its trademark elegance, a draw in its own right. Most of all, he was a wonderful and generous human being who had only kind words and boundless time for anyone who met him,” NDTV added. 

Kamal Khan, who was an Executive Editor at NDTV, was honoured with Ramnath Goenka awayed and also received the Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award from the President of India, Hindustan Times reports. Many journalists based in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh shared how Kamal Khan was instrumental in guiding them and how he always encouraged cub reporters.

NDTV’s Alok Pandey remembered him in a blog post, saying, “In this age of cut-throat, fastest-finger-first journalism, he was an exception, and I am proud to say, one among many NDTV veterans who will not deviate from these principles, by far the best in the business, teachers for all of us of these solid journalism ethics.”

After the news of the veteran journalist’s sudden death, many politicians and journalists from across the industry expressed shock and expressed their condolences. 

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What Is An Obituary

In national newspapers an obituary (obit for short) is a news article that reports the recent death of a prominent person. Although it tends to focus on positive aspects of the subject’s life this is not always the case. According to Nigel Farndale, the Obituaries Editor of The Times: “Obits should be life affirming rather than gloomy, but they should also be opinionated, leaving the reader with a strong sense of whether the subject lived a good life or bad; whether they were right or wrong in the handling of their public affairs.”

In local newspapers, an obituary may be published for any local resident upon death. A necrology is a register or list of records of the deaths of people related to a particular organization, group or field, which may only contain the sparsest details, or small obituaries. Historical necrologies can be important sources of information.